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Battle the Vermin

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It is scientifically proven that the chemical repellents extracted from some plants consist poisonous ingredients for cold-blooded animals and some insects. But for pets and humans there are harmless. Using such plants for fighting vermin is better option than highly poisonous chemicals.

So when you use plants like these you can create repellents either from fresh materials or dried parts of the plants if you soaked them in cold water. If the plants are boiled then leave them to cool down and strain them. This way you will get an infusion.

So what are these plants that you can use to battle vermin and illness on other plants. They are actually quite common you can grow them in your yard or to pick them up from public lawns or find them into the forests. You need to dry them up and keep them somewhere that they can get ventilated. Use them yourself or ask your gardener to use them like I did when used chemicals for their gardening services.

Use these plants in case you find any of the vermin below.

Basil – 50 grams of dry leaves and stalks are left to soak in 1 litre water for 24 hours. This will annihilate any kind of caterpillars.

Tansy – 100 grams dry leaves are boiled in 1 litre water. This solution annihilates aphids.

Dandelion – 50 grams dry roots and leaves are soaked in 1 litre water. It annihilates aphids and mites.

Crocus – 100 grams dry bulbs are soaked in water. It annihilate caterpillars.

Chilly peppers – 100 grams are boiled in a litre water. It annihilates aphids, slugs and mites.

Onion and garlic – either whole or just the skin are soaked in a litre water. It annihilates mites and caterpillars.

Tobacco – leaves and stalks, about 40 grams, are soaked in 1 litre water. It annihilates aphids, mites, fleas and carnation leaf. You can use cigarettes buds but the effect is weaker.

Datura – 100 grams from the above ground part of the plant is boiled in a litre water. It annihilate all kinds of insects.

Horseradish – 100 grams grated roots are soaked in 1 litre water for overnight. Use it in case that fungal diseases appear.

Something to remember. Use the infusion after it had cooled down. To improve the adhesion of the solution add several drops of cleaning detergent or a little bit of soap.

Here you go, now you know some green, harmless ways to combat vermin that may appear on your garden plants. And if you have hired someone to take care of your garden for you, like do for me, try to convince them to use these eco-friendly and harmless solution instead of dangerous and potentially poisonous chemicals.


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