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Get Rid Of Mice: Practical Tips To Avoid Mice Infestation

One of the hidden dangers in any household is mice infestation. We do all sorts of things to secure our homes from intruders and burglars and possible other trespassers but these unwanted pests will always be a constant threat to our homes. There are two major types of mice: the household mice and the wild mice. House mice have heads and feet that are proportional to its body and its tail is about as long as its body. They have the same color throughout and like in the cartoon series, Tom and Jerry, they have flat upper incisors. Wild mouse have head and feet not proportional to its body. They have short and hairy tails. They have large ears and protruding eyes and their colors of their belly and feet may be different from its body. Most wild mice will feed on certain kinds of foods that are common in their area like grains, rice, wheat, seeds while house mice are scavengers and will feed on anything, Most diseases are carried by house mice but wild mice do also carry some diseases that may pose a danger to us, though not as imminent as the ones that house mice carry. This is due to the scavenging nature of house mice as they may ingest things that may not be harmful to them, but become carriers which can contaminate us with their urine or droppings. To find out if there is any mice infestation in your home, you can do the following things:

– Scour your premises to see if there are any holes in the walls, food containers and walls inside the cabinet. Most homes have double walls and it is easy for mice to use such walls as a passage way. Their ability to eat at anything enables them to make apertures in your homes.

– Look for mice poop which would be around a

Does the sight or sound of those furry little rodents make your stomach queasy? If so, you need proven methods for catching mice that work quickly and effectively. Come see why getting rid of mice is not as hard as you might think!

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WARNING: If you do not like live feeding, do NOT watch!! (just missed the kill but here she is trying to figure out where to go with it) This is the only mouse i ever plan to feed to my scorpion. I only wanted to plump it up and get it full bc me and my friend were planning on breeding our emps, and we didn’t want mine cannabalizing his, bc my female is larger than his male . She woudn’t touch the pre- killed one i offered her earlier, so i was forced to live feed. Emperor Scorpions have been recorded catching and eating small rodents like mice in the wild, so i figured this would be the easiest choice to get her full rather than trying to force feed her numerouse crickets or super worms. The mouse was quickly killed by the scorpions powerful claws with little suffering. I do NOT enjoy watching animals suffer this is strictly for mating purposes! ( I DO NOT RECOMEND FEEDING MICE TO SCORPIONS, AS THE MICE MAY SEVERLY INJURE IT RESULTING IN DEATH!!! FEED ONLY GUT LOADED INSCECTS TO MAINTAIN A HEALTHY DIET FOR YOUR SCORPION!!!) (any movement seen by mouse is residual activity of the last nerve firings that you are seeing, i assure you, its skull and neck were crushed in the scorpions claws causing instant death)

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