Your Rodent Pest Control Center

Prevention Options

Here is the most important thought for you to remember: Mice need to be prevented from entering your home.  You can trap the rodent population in your home, but if you leave the door open, so to say, you will always have a rodent pest control problem.

Any crack that they can force their skull through, they can wiggle through.  They can force a fat chubby body through the smallest of cracks, if the environment is temperate, has good humidity levels, always has food, water, and nesting areas, you have an open mouse house.
You should employ the methods of herding your existing mouse population to the area where you are trapping, with an effective electronic trap, and then, follow these methods of preventing new mice from arriving at your home.

Silicon Caulk

Silicon chalk can be your best friend!  If you have a really drafty home, you are welcoming mice by its open crevices and cracks.  Find all openings by attacking one side at a time, looking from the bottom to the top of your home.

Plumbing and Holes

Be sure to have your plumbing access points reviewed and inspected inside your home.   There are wire rings you can buy at any hardware store, that can block pipe fittings in cabinets, bathrooms, and other access points.  Silicon chalk all other areas.


Mint, spearmint, peppermint are great herbs that rodents hate!  You can plant them on the outside of your home, and grow them inside in decorative pots.  The leaves can then be dried out to form a pest sachet in your mousey habitat.


Mouse habits will be inclined to chew, and chew and chew.  Give your home’s wood structure a break, and give them some cork.  Go treat yourself to some great wine, and save the corks.  You deserve it!
Then, use the corks as a special treat near the mice nesting areas, and they will eat them eagerly.  Unfortunately, this is not the happiest idea, as you are not trapping the mouse, and when it dies from the obstruction in its belly, the after effects will not be pleasant.
For this reason, this is a great solution for outside of your home.  You soak the corks in bacon, beef or pork fat, slice up the corks, and then leave them in a box or  tuna bowl.   Bon Appetit!

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