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Mice and Feeding the Birds: The Hard Truth

Do you love to watch the birds, and have a number of feeders?  That is a great way to connect with nature, and really enjoy the great things in life.
Congratulations on Your Birding Hobby!  It is a fun way to connect to the best things in life, peacefully.
But, are you just feeding the Birds?
Have you noticed an increase in Mice in your home?  What about the yard?  Are they eating the food you store in your garage?  Have you seen some little moths and flies in your home because of the bird food?
These are things that need to be addressed, and quick!
Mice are opportunists and will take advantage of any food situation, and their family will grow with this opportunity.  If you are feeding the birds, here are some great ways to keep up your kind and gentle hobby, and ensure your home is safe from the threat of rodents.