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Pet Mice

Pet Mice

Welcome all mouse pet lovers!

There are many people who have a hobby of loving pet mice.  We wanted to address this great avenue here, as these little pocket pals are a great stress release for many, and bring much joy to many people.  We welcome your feedback to our site, and hope you will join along with us, but posting on our blog, emailing, or finding time to sign up for our newsletter.

Pet mice are clean, healthy options for people to love, and are very different from their rodent wild cousins.   It is necessary for us to remove from our habitats these little wild crafty intruders, but, respect is deserved to those who have carefully bred and love domesticated mice.  When you are considering a pet mouse, be sure to read more about mice, as they have very specific habitat needs.  Understanding this fact, you can safely and easily keep mice as a pet, and help a little one understand nature a little bit more.

With mice, domestic or natural, they have very specific needs to keep their environment warm.  They do not like temperatures too hot as well.  And, they eat and drink mostly wet or softer food stuffs to keep hydration a priority.  When you have a colder than 65 degrees Fahrenheit home, with very dry conditions, mice of any variety will do their best to flee to survive.  Many mice have found refuge in one home on a neighborhood block, where the lady of the house likes a 75 to 80 degree warmth constant.  This is why many elderly people experience mice problems, due to their own temperature restrictions and needs.

Not only that, but having a nice humid setting, with moisture in the air from 55 to 70 dew point, is a key for mice.  Without a constant humidity level, the local mouse population will learn to evacuate any way they can.  They will develop ring tail, or skin problems, and will be very likely to find a more natural setting to stay.  This is why a very shallow tunnel in earth is the perfect location for a mouse.

Keeping with the tunnel idea, a dark location is important for mice.  When you stare at those huge beady eyes, you can see that they are accustomed to peering into the darkness.  They do not have great eye site, instead relying on their noses and ears.  A shock of a loud noise, or an intense smell, is a stress factor for pet mice, or natural mice for that matter.