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Why your Kitty May Not be a Great Mouse Trap

Sometimes people decide they have a mouse problem, and it is a large one at that!  This starts a new thought, I need to get a cat!  The poor cat that comes into that house, is not going to have a positive experience.  Cats are more than mousers, as they live to play, eat, sleep, and not necessarily in that order.
If you are serious about mouse control, try to avoid the cat adoption process, unless you are really looking to get a cat for affection, for a great new pet, and you want to enjoy a playful pet in your home.
Cats are notorious for being great mousers, but they do it on their terms only.

Cats can become Overwhelmed

Mice are very intelligent creatures, and will be happy to move into your home if it is warm, has some food, and some water available.  They will only breed if these three requirements are met.

Your home usually will have all three.  If you have a cat, the chances are that your cat’s food is one of the requirements.  Often mice will use the cat food as their personal food dish, and you will not even see them.  You will see their poop, however.

Get a Black light not a Cat!

You can effectively trap and catch mice with these three items:

1.  A Blacklight
2.  A few snap traps
3.  A Plan

You will need to use the black light to see where they are running around.  They often will leave a trail of pee, so the black light can show you where they are running.  Do not feel bad about this, you can use a natural solution of water and vinegar to effectively clean this, but you may want to leave it until you trap all of your mice.

Get your snap traps, and place them, baited with sugary jam and peanut butter, and then place then right in the path where they are running.  Do not set the traps!

Your intelligent mice will want to dine on your snap traps for a few nights.  You will need to set them so they get comfortable with your traps.

Then, on the 7th or 8th night, set the traps.  You should get a bunch of dead mice the next morning.  Keep setting and baiting, in random order.  I would advise not setting after the first time you capture mice, for a few nights.