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Christmas Mice

At our house, christmas mice have always been apart of the holiday celebrations-or, our holiday plans.  We have a home that was built in 1975, and it is in a quiet suburban area of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  The circle is a series of 9 homes, and we all are constantly evolving our pest removal plans, and especially like to do it during the beginning of fall.  In the fall, there seems to be lots of activity, and many new signs of our little rodents, in our neighborhood.  We have no mice inside our home, at least none that I can tell, but we have many on the outside of our home.

Christmas Mice Party

Christmas Mice are Sneeky Mice

We have always loved our neighborhood, and so do the many Barred Owls we have in the big large Red Oaks that frame our cul-de-sac.  It is a common quiet sight early in the morning, if you are up walking the dogs, or just leaving for work.  They float above you, letting you know they are there, hunting away, near your area.  I can hear them often, and their call is who-who-who cooks for you???  We are happy these magnificent birds have our backs!

The reason they are around is when we bought our home, there were many mice in our home.  We added the following to our pest removal plan:

  • Ultra Sonic Pest Repellers
  • Mint and Peppermint
  • Planned Trapping and Non-Trapping
  • Bucket Traps in Garage
  • No Poison or Glue Traps
  • Lights on in High Traffic areas
  • Chocolate in Traps
  • Electronic Traps in Storage Room
  • Electronic Trap in Kitchen Cabinet
  • Plastic Storage Containers for all Food
  • Vinegar and Constant Cleaning to Remove Urine
  • A new Cat

A few years later, we continued with barrier proofing our home.  Caulk, foam, and new outside siding improvements, have been great solutions to remove the mouse highway into our home.  Now we continue this process each fall, by removing little open areas, and filling with caulk and foam.  We had a new pest move in, in 2008, in the form of chipmunks, and they left, once their home was filled in with foam.

The reason we always see more of them, around thanksgiving and christmas, is because the weather is getting sharper, colder, and snow usually moves in.  This makes the food in the yard harder to locate, and find.  They are more active, trying to find the right place to stay warm, and this usually means a quiet, dark and warm dry space.  With all of the mice on the outside of your home, any time you can remove the areas they may want to live, the better off you will be.

Christmas mice are always looking for a way to move in, so do your best to keep them on the outside of your home.

Christmas Mice can be Stopped

The best way to check for mice is to look for them after they have moved around in the snow.  Here is a video that we put together of our areas that we need to change, as we have a christmas mouse house right next to our home!

Christmas Mice Fun

Another way to keep your christmas mice on the outside of your home, is give your goodies to your friends and family!  Here is a great post on how to make chocolate christmas mice, with maraschino cherries, and hershey kisses…so cute!


Make your Own Christmas Mice

Here is the link for your recipe!

Christmas Mice ala Chocolate

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