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Effective Rodent Control in 5 Steps : How to Do it Yourself and Remove Mice from Your Home

How do you remove mice from your humble abode; by following a plan!  The do it yourself 5 step plan is here!  Mice are sneaky, tricky, and hard to capture.  They enjoy a good chase, and are quick to learn.  For this reason, you can remove the easier and more curious mice from your home or office, but the observant, reserved, and smarter mice will be hard to capture.  The plan below is built for the smart survivors in your home.

Remove Mice with a 5 Step Plan

Remove Mice with A Colder House

So what is the 5 step remove mice plan?  The best way to think about this plan is to break it into the ways that mice exist in our homes.  They are almost blind, have great hearing and a sense of smell, and can feel with their whiskers and fur in the dark.  They are very sensitive to temperature changes, and humidity levels, which can work in your favor.  Knowing this, your five step plan to remove mice should be as follows!

1.  Add Ultrasonic Waves to Your World to Remove Mice

Installation of some high ultrasonic wave emitters can make a mouse crazy, and will drive some from the the areas that they are used.  You can use the emitters as a way to chase them from one area of the home, remove them from the storage room or garage, and they will then move to quieter areas of your home.  A plan for the emitters is to place them in all storage locations, and bedrooms.  The emitters will not bother your pets, unless you have pet mice, gerbils or rats.  Having an ultrasonic emitter is like moving in next door to the rock band who never stops practicing.   Be sure to use this as your first step, as it can be a very effective eviction technique.

2. Lower the Thermostat to Remove Mice

Dropping the thermostat to 64 degrees or colder in your home is a great way to drive mice to other places.  Mice are most comfortable in areas of 68 degrees or warmer.  They are very sensitive to cold.  The remote cool of a fan that makes noise can be another way to combine temperature sensitive rodents from your home.

3.  Light up the Night to Remove Mice

Rodents are the creatures of the night, doing all of their habitat movement, cleaning, and food sourcing during the nighttime hours.  The only way you can find out if you have mice, is to set traps or other food offerings during the night.  Once you have confirmed that they are feeding on unset traps, and eating from your food, you can set up a series of bright desk lamps in areas they may be nesting.  This could be under stairs, in dark closets, pantries, cupboards, or storage areas.  If possible, a cool bright florescent light in the attic or basement, will be a great way to remove mice.

4.  Buy and Use a Large Dehumidifier to Remove Mice

Reducing the humidity level in your home or office will be a great way to send a mouse population packing!  Reducing rodents means having a low humidity level in your home, as they are not healthy in a low humidity area.  Plan to remove mice by keeping your humidity levels lower than 30%, as a humid room or 55-75% is preferable for mice.  With lowered humidity, they develop a virus like ring worm, but all up and down their tails.  This is a highly effective technique, as they do not have the ability to live in a home with low humidity levels.

5.  Install Snap Top Lids on all Stored Food

The food in your home is under attack!  Buy some tightly fitting snap top lid containers, and store all your food in these containers.  The mice are unable to eat, and will quickly and quietly depart.  If you feed pets, be sure to feed only when you are present, and remove food when they are not eating. The food removal and container system you develop, will be dependent on how your family functions, but it is important for you to constantly be aware of food, and ensure that it is always unavailable for your mice.

Remove Mice with a Plan of  Trapping

Now that you have the five step plan, to make your home more of a “lets leave” house, versus a “lets stay” home, you are now on the way to starting your trapping techniques.  Keep searching our site for the ins and outs of trapping, as it is a outwitting plan of attack, and with the combination of habitat improvement, you are going to have more mice leaving, and less will decide to tuff it out.

Remove mice with knowledge, and you are on your way to a mouse free home!


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