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Mice in Insulation in Your Home’s Walls and Foundation

You may sometimes hear scurrying, or movement in your walls and down in the basement in your home, and most often that is mice in insulation in the walls and foundation in your house.  They love insulation!  It is warm, dark, usually the perfect humidity level for their needs.  Mice in insulation can be removed, but they must be coaxed out, with some tricky methods.

Mice in Insulation in the Walls

Capture your Mice in Insulation

The comfy cozy areas in your walls are not ok spots for mice to stay!  Imagine the food parties they are building in your walls.  Storing dry foods, peeing and pooping all over the place, raising their babies, and creating more mice is what is happening.  This is a serious health situation that needs your full attention.  Removing the walls would be a good idea if you have lots of mice.  The percentage of homes that have mice in insulation areas is almost 99%.

Mice in Insulation in Foundation Areas

Not only are they having food and bathroom parties in your walls, but they do love to travel down the walls, to the even warmer areas in the foundation.  The mice in insulation in the foundation areas are even harder to remove, because this area is often walled off by concrete or stronger walls that are blocks.  With careful removal, you can get to these areas, but it will be real work, and is best left to professionals.

A much better idea is to use the mice removal project plan, and think about trapping them over the next few weeks.  When you hear them, is it at night? More than often that is the most active time for mice in your walls, and foundation. They love to move when it is dark, as they have poor eyesight, but use the night to move and maneuver around their habitat.

Remove Mice in Insulation with a Plan

The best way to remove mice in insulation in your home, is to have a plan of trapping them.  Create an obstacle course near the areas where they enter your home, and seal off the outer areas so they cannot invite new guest to stay. The plan is simple, use light, sound, and humidity changes to your advantage.  Dry out your basement with a dehumidifier, and use some ultrasonic repellers in a strategic way to herd your mouse population to the traps.

Buy an electronic trap, and do not turn it on, but bait it for a couple of days.  Build an ever useful bucket and drop line obstacle course, and capture a couple this way.  Keep using spring traps in paths that they use to get to food sources.  Cover and store all food in snap top plastic containers, that they cannot get into.  Better yet, put all your food in the fridge if you can!

Making the plan work takes diligence and persistence.  You are going to find the results effective and it will not cost you a lot of money if you keep up with the progress.  Even if you do not trap immediately, do not worry, as it takes time to capture the smartest of rodents, and remove mice in insulation.


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