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Are you ready for a UV Light?

When you are hearing noise at night, and seeing signs of mouse activity in the mornings, ask yourself if you are ready for a UV Light.  The reason is, this light will show you what is there, but to be honest, you may have a hard time sleeping when you do use it.  The light is something that will show you signs of protein and enzymes that are left on the floor, and sometimes it is referred to as a black light.  The signs of mouse activity will always be confirmed by a UV Light.

How a UV Light Works

dreamstime_8554534The human eye is more of an upside down camera lens, which our brains use to flip images and color patterns right side up.  We are amazing creatures, but we do not see the light spectrum of ultraviolet light.  UV Light is often a great way to see the things that make our habitats less than healthy, as stains, urine, vomit, blood, or any kind of biological protein or enzyme will appear when it is invisible to the human eye.  With the UV light, we can see what a mouse smells.  The trail of pheromones, left in the urine and sweat of the mice who have traveled along the walls and cabinets in your home, will be a mouse highway of sorts, that will guide them to essential items they need to eat, drink and sleep.

With the addition of a UV Light, you can see what a mouse “sees” with its high sense of smell.  They are not good visual creatures, but they do have great sniffers.  The proteins and the active enzymes you see will be smell tools for new mice, or reminders for existing mouse populations.  The increase in smells can be really alluring or even draw in mice from the outdoors, if left in your home.

Remove Smell and Bio-hazards with a UV Light

How do you know it is there, if it is invisible to you?  You could get down on your knees and smell areas, but the fact is not all humans have the sense to smell these collective offensive odors.  The smell could be detected, but it would be more easily removed and seen, with a UV Light.  When you are using a UV Light, or a black light, you can always see the protein or the less than easily observed enzyme.  The trick is to do the search in early dusk, or when the room is completely dark.  Then, with some masking tape, section off areas that are needing a good cleaning.  This can take some time, and will be emotionally draining.  Do one room at a time, and do not look in other rooms, unless you are ready to spend a full day cleaning.

Cleaning with a UV Light

Natural Enzymatic cleaners, vinegar and water, hot water and soap, and a good stiff brush are a great way to clean the protein out.  Prepare to spend some time marking the areas with a UV light, then getting down on hands and knees to scrub.  The process can take longer than you would expect, and can be a workout if you tackle more than one room.  Sometimes, you will want to toss boxes, stored papers or other items that you cannot scrub. Without the removal of such items, it will be impossible to not find the rodent population attracted to the smells.

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