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Stop Mice From Entering with Steel Wool and Spray Foam

It has been really rainy in Minnesota this spring, and things are super wet outside, which has created a need to discuss home entry divergent tactics by using a new technique:  Steel Wool and Spray Foam.  With a little crack, mice or rodents can sneak through a 1/4″ crack in the walls or foundation of any home or business, very easily.  The best way to remove mice from your home, is to prevent them from inviting friends and relatives on the outside to the warm and comfortable indoors.  The trick is really ingenious, as it takes care of the dumb mice and the smart ones too with two trustworthy materials :  Steel Wool and Spray Foam.

Steel Wool and Spray Foam Use Together for Strength

Why these two materials work so well is because one will physically block the crack or hole completely, and the other will ensure blocked access if the critter decides to chew through the foam anyway.  What will happen is our dedicated rodent will busily chew and remove and eat that foam, but when they get to the steel wire wool, they won’t be able to remove any more foam, and any of the steel wool.  The combination of the steel wool and spray foam is a pest control technique for the modern day.

Steel Wool and Spray Foam : Combination of Old and New

Why would an old material like steel wool and a new material like spray foam be a good project plan to follow?  Often it would be difficult for a mouse to gain access with a properly installed steel wool material stuffing, but the issue is, steel does rust(unless it is stainless steel), and over time, it can be pushed and moved easily without any real effort.  Mice are tenacious little creatures, and if they want to follow a urine marker, or a trail that another mouse has left, they will do everything they can to make sure to remove a barrier.

After all, the mouse before has gotten in, so it must be possible, right?

Sometimes, just blocking the area, and not removing the scent or urine marker, can be just the ticket for a mouse to keep at task, and get it to a point of obsession.  Urine and scent hormone markers are often impossible to remove, so don’t beat yourself up, if you install a steel wool piece for obstruction, and the rodentia of your area, remove it.  They love a good challenge.

Steel Wool and Spray Foam Fights the Smart Mouse

You know the old saying, there are dumb mice and smart ones…well, this is the barrier that works for both the dumb and the smart mice.  When you block an entrance with foam, you are blocking for the easy going dumb mouse, and when you add another layer of strength with Steel Wool and Spray Foam, you are blocking for smart mice.   They will tear through anything they can, but when the foam seeps into the steel wool crevices, and sticks to the sides of the crack or hole, they are powerless.  Eating to the steel wool will be the resistance that your smart mouse needs, to move on to the next house.

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