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The Best Mouse Trap Ever!

An electronic mouse trap will be your best solution. If you have acted on adding light, essential oils, and some ultrasonic noise to your round-up technique, and can’t be bothered with live mice and their relocation, check out this option. An electronic mouse trap can be a great option to solve your mouse problems. The mouse is curious about the trap, smells the bait, enters the trap, is contained, and then is effectively zapped with an electric current from the batteries in the unit. Be sure to use fresh batteries, as you do not want to trap a mouse, and then have to add new batteries to finish the job. This is a humane way to kill a mouse, as it is very quick and painless. The best traps, capture, zap, and dispose the mouse into another area, for a quick reset. They can catch many mice in one night! The trap will indicate that you have a mouse with a light on the top, and then you can reset it, dispose of the dead rodent, and repeat. No driving, evil glances from distant neighbors about releasing rodent into their area, and a effective rodent control solution.

There are traps as well, that have a repeating mechanism, is operated by a spring. It can catch mice over and over, as long as the bait is available. You wind these devices up, and they can be over wound, creating a hazard for this live mouse trap. However, the mechanism is not as effective as the electronic mechanism, and will be a messy experience for you as exterminator.

You should try some snap traps too, as they are easy to set up, and sometimes the mouse you can’t catch, will be so curious to this type of trap, and it will be a dead mouse result. This trap is metal, can be cleaned easily and reused, and they are more effective than the age old wood snap trap. A snap trap that has a killing bar on it, is a better snap trap, and it is safer around pets and kids. They are a quick-kill trap, and you simply load the bait and lift the bar and mouse trap is set!

Here is the one I recommend.  It is a great way to trap and humanely kill over 10 mice a night.  Using this device will allow you to place it where you have any kind of mouse activity, not have to set and bait traps with a plan, as the device is so very tantalizing to the curious mouse.  You simply bait it, and let it do its work.  The great thing about this electronic trap, is it kills and hides the dead mouse from view, until you are ready to dispose of them.  Even better, the Victor Electronic Multi-Kill has a digital readout, where you can see (on the side of the device), that you have dead mice that are ready for disposal.

If you have mice running during the day, right in front of you, save money, and buy two, as you will need the three you get for the cost of one exterminator visit. Electronic Traps - Shop Now!

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