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Organic Options: Humane Solutions to Pest Removal

There are traps that you should try to avoid-they are not going to solve your problem, and will be only a temporary stop along your way to rodent pest control.

Many people think a small dog or cat would be a great solution. You can count on them to be interested in your mouse, will patiently wait where they saw them last, but after the first mouse, they are not going to continue to kill mice, especially if you feed them all that great cat and dog food. They can eventually become very indifferent to the situation, and will be glad to play with the rodent, but not finish the task, as well, they can leave the damaged mouse out for you, and it may be in a place you would not wish. As well, a pet should not be purchased just for mouse control. They are much more than a best mouse trap.

Snap traps can be a ineffective solution, as the mice will keep away from them, figure out to remove the bait without snapping the trap, and snap the trap to remove the bait. You can easily try this method, but leave the trap baited, unset for at least a week. Then, after they have tasted your bait, set your trap. This method will only catch a few, and as the mourners walk by the remains of their pal, you can bet, that won’t be working for them.

  • Glue Traps are effective, but cruel.  Mice will be stuck, try to rip off their skin to escape.
  • Poison is a really bad option as the mouse will die and then decompose in your home to smell for weeks.  You will have flies, smell and eventually a dead animal in your rafters forever.
  • Poison will kill other animals that feed on mice, so if you use poison, your pet may be killed as well.
  • The Best Trap is an effective Mouse Control Plan, with Understanding on How Mice think.  Keep reading!

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